Citizen Advocate

New Safety Enforcement in Express Lanes

Within the I-70 Mountain, I-25 North and C-470 Express Lanes, roadside sensors will issue civil penalties starting at $75 to drivers who:

  • Use the Express Lanes when they're closed
  • Cross the solid white or yellow lines
  • I-70 Mountain Express Lanes only: Drive in the in vehicles with more than two axles or extending longer than 25 feet

For the I-70 Mountain Express Lanes, violations committed on or after July 21 will result in a $75 civil penalty. Violations not paid within 20 days of issuance will increase to a $150 civil penalty.

These civil penalties will apply to the Express Lanes on C-470 and I-25 between US 36 and E-470 starting Oct. 1. Learn more about this program at

Violations Questions?

If you have questions about a violation or fine, payments or to file a dispute, please visit or call 833-816-0316 for assistance. CDOT is not managing these requests, and must go through the Express Lanes Safety Enforcement program.

CDOT's citizen advocate strives to remedy concerns voiced by members of the traveling public by coordinating communication among citizens and state agencies.

Established in 1993 through Executive Order D 0010 93, the Governor’s Advocate Corps —renamed the Citizen Advocate Corp in 2003—assists constituents with resolving state government issues.

CDOT's citizen advocate reviews each concern, and forwards it to the appropriate division within CDOT for follow up and resolution. Contact can be made to the citizen advocate by email, telephone, fax or postal mail.

Before contacting the advocate:
  • You may use CDOT's customer service portal to find answers to your questions or address your concerns.
  • Please determine whether your concern, problem or complaint is within the jurisdiction of CDOT. If your complaint is regarding a local or federal government issue, it cannot be resolved through the CDOT advocate. CDOT does not have jurisdiction over the cities, counties, railroads, or E-470 and Northwest Parkway.