Efficiency and Accountability Committee

The Committee shall seek ways to maximize the efficiency of the department to allow increased investment in the transportation system over the short, medium, and long term.

Reporting Requirements
Executive Director shall report at least once per year to the House and Senate Transportation Committees regarding the activities and recommendations of the Efficiency and Accountability Committee and any actions taken by the Commission or the department to implement recommendations of the Committee.

Below is a partial list of initiatives related to the goals of efficiency and accountability at CDOT.

Committees or Teams

  • Quality Improvement Council
  • Information Technology Management Team
  • CADD & Engineering Support
  • Joint Specifications Committee between the Colorado Contractors Association and CDOT
  • Computers In CDOT
  • Water Quality Advisory Committee
  • GPS/GIS Users Group
  • Local Agency Round Table
  • Materials Advisory Committee
  • Pavement Management Program Technical Committee
  • Project Delivery Advisory Committee
  • Resident Engineer Committee
  • Professional Engineer III Committee
  • Statewide Transportation Advisory Committee
  • Bid Review Committee

Cost Saving or Improvement Measures

  • Control Self Assessments facilitated by Audit
  • Freeze on hiring except for mission critical positions
  • Travel restrictions both in-state and out-of-state
  • Temporary freeze on consultant usage (exception granted for Stimulus Projects)
  • Operating budget reductions
  • Requests to consulting firms to reduce their costs