Mission, Vision & Values


To enhance the quality of life and the environment of the citizens of Colorado by creating an integrated transportation system that focuses on safely moving people and goods by offering convenient linkages among modal choices.


To provide the best multi-modal transportation system for Colorado that most effectively and safely moves people, goods, and information.



  • We work together to achieve a high performing safety culture! We promote and apply consistent, sustainable, and safe work behaviors in everything we do. We foster a safety-focused environment, which is free of discrimination and harassment.


  • We value our employees and the people of Colorado! We recognize the skills and abilities of our coworkers and communities and draw strength from our diversity and commitment to equal opportunity. We advocate for an organizational culture where employees are empowered and encouraged to participate in providing the best transportation systems for Colorado. We understand that our success depends on teamwork and collaboration with all relevant stakeholders, including government, industry partners, and the communities we are accountable to and serve.


  • We earn Colorado’s trust! We are honest and responsible in all that we do and hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards. We work to build trust and accountability with all of our collaborations to get the work done. We are intentionally transparent, inclusive, and collaborative as transportation strategies and organizational policies are formed.

Customer Service

  • We strive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and experience! With a can-do attitude, we work together and with others to respond effectively to our internal and external customer needs. We engage diverse voices in public processes to honor the cultural and environmental integrity of Colorado communities and to better provide access to the full range of transportation resources available. We support our co-workers by recognizing and encouraging their contributions to the workplace.

Excellence & Accountability

  • We are committed to quality! We leverage diversity to bring different ideas, experiences, and perspectives to further excellence in everything we do. We are transparent and inclusive leaders - and we hold ourselves to a high level of accountability. We continuously improve our products, services, and practices of financial, social, and environmental stewardship in our commitment to provide the best transportation systems for Colorado.


  • We treat everyone with respect! We are kind and civil with everyone, and we act with courage, humility, and accountability.