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New 2013 Commissioners

Pictured from left to Right:
Back Row – Chairman Ed Peterson,  Commissioner Gary Reiff, Commissioner Bill Thiebaut, Commissioner Steve Hofmeister, Commissioner Les Gruen,  Commissioner Doug Aden, Commission Secretary , Herman Stockinger
Front Row - Commissioner Heather Barry, Vice Chairman Kathy Connell, former CDOT Executive Director Don Hunt, Commissioner Sidny Zink, Commissioner Shannon Gifford, Commissioner Kathy Gilliland

The state's transportation system is managed by the Colorado Department of Transportation under the direction of the Transportation Commission. The commission is comprised of 11 commissioners who represent specific districts. Each commissioner is appointed by the Governor, confirmed by the Senate, and serves a four-year term. To provide continuity, the commissioners' term expiration dates are staggered every two years.

Under state law, the powers and duties of the Transportation Commission include:

Formulating general policy with respect to the management, construction, and maintenance of public highways and other transportation systems in the state:

Advising and making recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly relative to transportation policy; and promulgating and adopting CDOT's budgets and programs, including construction priorities and approval of extensions of abandonments of the state highway system. (The General Assembly appropriates the administrative budget for the Department.)

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