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*Five new projects advertised July 30, 2020

CDOT posts new advertisements on a bi-weekly schedule. Our next advertisement date is August 13, 2020. A schedule of future planned advertisement dates is available by clicking on this link - Bid Advertisement Calendar.
Electronic plans and specifications are available to registered contractors at B2G. Please be sure to do an account lookup if you are new to the system as many vendors have been entered by CDOT into the system. This will allow you to reset the password if the proper contacts were entered. Upon registration, you can find the plans and specifications or the plan holders list for each project under the "View" menu by selecting "My Bid Solicitations". 
Prime contractors are directed to our Rules Governing Construction Bidding for CDOT Projects which details the requirements of Prequalification in Section 2
All Design-Bid-Build proposals are processed electronically via Bid Express.  Primes must obtain a Digital ID for an agent identified in your prequalification registration. 
EBSx software is available here: AASHTOWare Project Bids ( and please remember to hit enter after creating your profile.  For any technical difficulties with Project Bids or the Bid Express website, contact customer service at 888-352-2439 or at [email protected]
Thank you for your interest in our construction projects.  We look forward to working with you.

August  20

*BR 2871-036 (21345) ~ The project is located in Region 2 in Baca, Cheyenne, and Kiowa counties.  The project includes US 287 Bridge Preventative Maintenance MP 21.125 to MP 122.581- The work consists Removal of Concrete Pavement, Removal of Asphalt Mat, Removal of Portions of Present Structure Class 1,2 &3, HMA, Concrete Pavement, Flow Fill, Reset Bridge Rail, ABC Class 6, Joint Sealant, Waterproofing Membrane, Polyester Concrete, and Concrete Sealer (HMWM Resin). The resident engineer is Brian Long 719-336-3228. 


*SHE 072A-046 (23099) ~ The project is located in Region 1 in Jefferson county.  This project will improve safety and traffic operations at the intersection of Ward Road (SH 72) and the westbound I-70 ramp terminal ("theintersection").  The project will include overlay, widening, installation of ramp meter, installation of permanent water quality feature, and installation of new signing and signal installation.  The resident engineer is Ben Kiene 303-365-7307. 


*BR 101A-004 (23006) ~ This project is located in Region 2 in Bent county.  The project includes SH 101 Structure M-24-AA (MP 19.35) and Structure M-24-IA (MP 19.98) Bridge Replacements.  The project engineer is Daniel Dahlke 719-562-5509. 



*CC 080-038 (23530) ~ This project is located in Region 3 in Mesa county.  The project includes updates to various curbs in Mesa county.  The resident engineer is Robert Beck 970-683-6351. 


*SHE R400-379 (23533) ~ The project is located in Region 4 in several counties.  This project consists of removal of existing traffic signal back plates and signal head visors, and furnish & install new signal head back plates and visors across Region 4. The resident engineer is Jonathan Woodworth 970-350-2166. 


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