Highway & Bridge Construction Bidding

Information for bidding on highway and bridge construction projects for the State of Colorado

This page contains information on Bidding Rules, General Contractor and Professional Consulting Firm Prequalification Requirements, Currently Advertised Projects for Bidding, Electronic Bidding Resources, and Past Project Bid Results.

The 2 CCR 601-10 Bidding Rules identify construction bidding requirements for the Colorado Department of Transportation's (CDOT) Highway and Bridge Construction Projects. The Bidding Rules and the Chief Engineer's delegation of authority for them are available through the following links Bidding Rules and Delegation of Authority.

General Contractors must be prequalified prior to submitting a bid for a project. Subcontractors are not required to be prequalified. The prequalification application must be completed in the CDOT Business Management System (B2G) through this web link B2G. Prequal applications must be submitted 17 calendar days prior to the bid due date a General Contractor is planning to bid on. If the Prequal application cannot be submitted by that time frame, please contact Danielle Mire by email at [email protected] for assistance.  

Professional Consulting Firms interested in providing Engineer Design Services must also be prequalified. Firms interested in being prequalified must complete the Prequal application in the CDOT Business Management System (B2G) through this web link B2G.

InfoTech's Bid Express is the electronic bid system used by CDOT for submission of bid proposals for Design-Bid-Build Highway and Bridge Construction Projects. CDOT does not accept email or hardcopy paper bids. Additional information for creating an account and getting setup to bid through the Bid Express system is available through this web link Bid Express.

Help guides for the Bid Express system are available through this web link Bid Express Help Guides.

For help and support with the Bid Express system of the Project Bids software, please contact InfoTech's Customer Service Help Desk at 1-888-352-2439, or by email at [email protected].

Current Advertised Projects open for bidding can be found through this web link Current and Future Bidding Opportunities page.

Alternative Delivery Program construction contracting opportunities for Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/CG), Design-Build, and other innovative project delivery methods are available through this web link Alternative Delivery Program Projects.

Center for Procurement Contract Services (CPCS) procurement opportunities for Vendors interested in providing non-professional services, commodities, materials, equipment, supplies…etc. can be accessed through this web link CPCS Procurement Requirements.

Required Posters for Job Site Bulletin Boards can be accessed from the link: CDOT's Construction Compliance

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