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Highway and Bridge Construction Bidding

Information for bidding on highway and bridge construction projects for the State of Colorado

This page provides access to information on upcoming highway construction bids, bidding rules, prequalification, results of past bids and various electronic bidding resources. 

Pavement Resources

For all rules and regulations regarding CDOT's Highway and Bridge Construction projects, see the Bidding Rules. All contractors must be prequalified to participate in the bids in accordance with the Bidding Rules. Please register and complete a prequalification application on B2G. If you cannot complete your registration and prequalification—including providing all required documentation, at least 17 calendar days before any bid opening for which you wish to submit a proposal—please contact our prequalification specialist, Peter Avbenake, at 303-787-9583. 

CDOT does not accept paper bids for Highway and Bridge Construction projects. All bid proposals for the construction projects must be submitted electronically via Bid Express. For help with Bid Express, please contact a customer service representative at 1-888-352-2439, or at [email protected].

Project Bids is the software used to facilitate the bidding process.  This software allows bidders to receive proposal item schedules and submit bids in a secure, electronic environment. Project Bids also tracks Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) commitments, automates calculations and applies amendments. Download Project Bids. (It's free!) Installing this software will allow you to view a project's schedule, found on the Current and Future Bidding Opportunities page.

Project Notices

Innovative Contracting Projects

Please see our projects page for additional information on all our Design-Build and CMGC projects, or the innovative projects page

*Please contact the Plans Room at 303-757-9313 for project schedules, specifications and design drawings.

To report the site being down, please call the Colorado Office of Information Technology help desk at 303-239-HELP(4357), then select 2 & 2.

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