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The mission of the Civil Rights & Business Resource Center (CRBRC) is to promote equal access to and participation in CDOT programs and activities. The CRBRC is located in Denver at CDOT Headquarters and collaborates with regional Civil Rights Offices work together to foster equality in CDOT’s transportation contracting processes.

Five Core Services of CDOT's Civil Rights Team

1) Promote access to facilities and services for persons with disabilities.

2) Ensure equal employment opportunity and labor compliance on federally-assisted highway construction contracts.

3) Promote equal treatment of and access for all individuals to CDOT programs and activities.

4) Facilitate the participation of small businesses on CDOT transportation projects.

5) Determine the eligibility of firms to participate in U.S. Department of Transportation's DBE Program and CDOT's ESB Program.


Greg Diehl, Civil Rights Program Director
CDOT ADA Coordinator, Title VI Coordinator, DBELO, CRBRC Manager
(303) 757-9599
[email protected]
Anna Mariotti, ADA, Title VI and Contract Compliance Manager
(303) 757-9493
[email protected]
Jun Arcilla, DBE Program Manager & Certifications Lead
(303) 512-4141
Mónica Vialpando, Construction Compliance Manager
(720) 668-0367 
(303) 757-9440
Veronica Urbina, Davis-Bacon Compliance Specialist
(303) 512-4144
Jose Rosado Moura, ADA Data Technician
(303) 512-4142
Karen Fuji-Martin, Professional Services Compliance Specialist
(303) 512-4016
Debra Lancaster, Administrative Assistant
(303) 757-9234
[email protected]
Mohamed Benjelloun, Data Management Specialist
(303) 757-9310
Chessie Price, Communications Specialist
(303) 757-9598
[email protected]
Emily Crespin, Communications Specialist
(303) 757-9597
Marie Nakagawa, Nondiscrimination &
Subrecipient Compliance Manager
(303) 757-9072

Region Civil Rights Managers

Region 1


Kathy Williams
2829 W. Howard Pl.
Denver, CO 80204
Phone: (303)757-9386
Fax: (303) 365-7033

Region 2


Sabrina Hicks
5615 Wills Boulevard
Pueblo, CO 81008
Phone: (719)546-5432
Fax: (719)562-5525

Region 3


Karl Lehmann
222 S. 6th St., Room 317
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone: (970) 683-6211
Fax: (970) 683-6205

Region 4


Juliet Sheets
1420 2nd Street
Greeley, CO 80631 
Phone: (970)350-2156
Fax: (970)350-2178

Region 5


Jason Benally
3803 North Main Ave., Suite 306
Durango, CO 81301
Phone: (970)385-1403
Fax: (970)385-1429
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Contact the CRBRC

Civil Rights & Business Resource Center
2829 W. Howard Pl.
Denver, CO 80204
P 303-757-9234  /800-925-3427
F 303-952-7088

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