Business Center

Civil Rights at CDOT

The mission of CDOT's Statewide Civil Rights Team is to promote equal access to and participation in CDOT programs and activities.

The Civil Rights & Business Resource Center (CRBRC) is located in Denver at CDOT Headquarters and collaborates with Regional Civil Rights Offices throughout the state to foster equality in CDOT’s transportation contracting processes.

Core Services of CDOT's Statewide Civil Rights Team

1) Promote access to facilities and services for persons with disabilities. (ADA Title II)

2) Ensure equal employment opportunity and labor compliance on federally-assisted highway construction contracts. (Contract Compliance)

3) Promote equal treatment of and access for all individuals to CDOT programs and activities. (Title VI)

4) Facilitate the participation of small businesses on CDOT transportation projects. (DBE & ESB Programs)

5) Determine the eligibility of firms to participate in U.S. Department of Transportation's DBE Program and CDOT's ESB Program. (DBE & ESB Certification)

The CRBRC is responsible for program development and quality assurance of the administration of those programs on CDOT design and construction contracts. The RCROs provide boots-on-the-ground program administration support to contractors and consultants, and are the first point of contact for project-level questions, concerns, and assistance.

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