Compliance Award Process

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DBE Termination.png

CDOT LCPtracker Prime Approver User Guide.pdf

CDOT LCPtracker Contractor User Guide.pdf

CDOT Construction Contract Compliance Training Slides.pdf

CDOT Monthly Compliance Systems Trainings - B2GNow and LCPtracker.pdf

CDOT Prime Contractor Job Site Bulletin Board Required Postings Checklist.pdf

CDOT HQ_Parking_Diagram 4.8.19.jpg

LCPtracker FAQ - Spring 2019.pdf

B2G Manual for CDOT Personnel.pdf

2020 CDOT Form 1313.xlsx

2020 Contractor Compliance Presentation

No Work Week Payrolls .pdf

DBE and ESB NPS Contract Requirements - 04.2020

Statement of Compliance.docx

DOL OT Wage Requirement.docx

CDOT Project Specific Contract Changes Training Slide Deck - Oct.2020.pdf

Professional Services (Local Agency) Approved DBE Participation Plan 09.20.xlsx

Professional Services (Local Agency) DBE Participation Report - 09.20.xlsx