Task Order Approval - NPS

Process map & training guides on how to approve task orders on non project specific (NPS) Professional Services contracts.

Task Order Approval on Professional Services NPS Contracts

Training Guides

Training materials are in development and will be uploaded upon completion. Training guides correspond to step numbers in the process maps. 

Proj. Oversight Icon.png PE/PM

5-0 Task Order Approval

  • No training guides. View process map for details.
5A-0 Task Order DBE Re-Evaluation 
  • 5A-2 Complete Form Sections 3, 5, and 6
5B-0 Conduct Good Faith Effort Review
  • N/A

5-0 Task Order Approval

  • 5-5 Review submitted information with task order
5A-0 Task Order DBE Re-Evaluation 
  • 5A-3 Review Submitted Information and Determine Task Order DBE Goal
  • 5A-4 Update Task Order DBE Goal 
5B-0 Conduct Good Faith Effort Review
  • 5B-1 Conduct Good Faith Effort Review
  • 5B-2 Update Task Order DBE Goal

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