Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program

About the Program

The federal DBE Program seeks to create a level playing field on which Disadvantaged Business Enterprises can compete fairly for USDOT-assisted contracts. CDOT administers this program on behalf of FHWA and FTA as a condition of receiving federal funds, and must adhere to regulatory requirements in order to remain eligible for continued federal funding.

CDOT DBE Frequently Asked Questions

Because DBE is a USDOT program, statewide goals are set according to the federal fiscal year. CDOT sets separate 3-year DBE goals for FHWA and FTA in accordance with the USDOT methodology. CDOT then reports its progress toward the goals to FHWA and FTA on a semi-annual basis..

Yes. CDOT is required to execute the goal-setting methodology separately for FHWA-assisted and FTA-assisted contracts.
Generally,  DBE goals are set based on factors such as projected USDOT-assisted contracting opportunities relative to DBE availability. Differences among agency DBE goals can be attributed to these factors, among others. One key difference between the City and County of Denver and CDOT is that CDOT’s DBE goal methodology must account for USDOT-assisted contracting opportunities statewide, including rural areas where there may be limited DBE availability. By contrast, the City and County of Denver’s methodology is based on contracting opportunities limited to the Denver metro area, where there is a higher concentration of DBE availability.