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*Three new projects advertised July 2, 2020

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July 9

C 0741-020 (20849) ~ Project is located in Region 1 in Jefferson county.  This is a geo-hazards mitigation project in the Bear Creek Canyon along SH 74 west of Morrison.  Work includes performing mechanical and hand scaling operations and installing anchored wire mesh, spot bolting rock reinforcement, and polyurethane injections.  Removal of asphalt mat ditch grading, placement of topsoil and seeding.  The project engineer is Rick Wenzel at 720-497-6977. 


SHE R100-338 (23427) ~ Project is located in Region 1 in several counties.  The project includes wrong way driving traffic enhancements phase 2 at various locations.  The resident engineer is Ben Kiene 303-365-7307


STM M086-083 (23120) ~Project is located in Region 2 in Pueblo county.  This project is an ADA Curb Ramp repair/replacement project located in Pueblo, Colorado along I-25 and various state highways. Please contact Project Engineer Bill Hand at 719-582-0024 with any questions.


ITS 070A-033 (23214) ~ Project is located statewide in several counties.  The project consists of installing cameras from Bennett to Burlington.  The resident engineer is Jill Scott 303-512-5805


NH 0504-908 (22481) ~ Project is located in Region 2 in Pueblo county.   This is a scour countermeasure project under CDOT structures: K-18-BY & K-18-BZ on US50B at MP 318 on the east side of Pueblo, Colorado. Project work will consist of repairing existing scour with fill material and constructing a scour preventative grouted boulder drop structure. Please contact CDOT Project Engineer, Steve Spera at (719) 251-7816 with questions


STR 012A-053 (23362) ~ Project is located in Region 2 in Huerfano and Las Animas counties.  This project is a critical culverts repair project on 4 locations on SH12. Sites will include various combinations of cleaning, repair and spray applied culvert lining. Please contact Project Engineer, Doug Chatelain, at (719) 859-6531 with questions.


MTCE R300-258 (23413R) ~ Project is located in Region 3 in several counties.  Work shall consist of the removal, supply and application of epoxy pavement marking and preformed thermoplastic word / symbol and crosswalk stencils as designated by the Engineer and in the tabulation of pavement markings on all roundabouts on state highways within region 3 and the diverging diamond on Highway 70B; highways will include 6D, 6E, 6K, 9C, I-70A ramps, I-70 B, F, and G, 82A, 133A, and 340A. All pavement markings and stencils shall be ground to create a recessed groove as indicated in the detailed quantity spreadsheet. A small quantity of contrast stop bar / crosswalk thermoplastic will be required for the roundabouts in Eagle, as shown on the detailed stencil quantity table. Project Engineer: Bill Crawford Office: 970 683-7532 Cell: 970 250-5077


MTCE R300-255 (23098S) ~ Project located in Region 3 in several counties.  This project will consist of removal and replacement of highway signs, posts, and bases on State Highways 50A from mile point (MP) 34.62 to 165.601 plus the frontage roads, on 50D from MP 0.0 to 1.539, and 550B from MP 117.514 to 130.209.  Project Engineer: Bill Crawford Office 970 683-7532  Cell 970 250-5077


July 23

*STM R200-249 (22478) ~ Project is located in Region 2 in several counties. US 24, M.P. 288.74, will clean culvert and box culvert and repair joint between the CMP and CBC, and will add Turf Reinforcement Mat and Rock Check Dams near inlet to help prevent Erosion. SH 115, M.P. 8.22, in Florence, will repair floor of box culvert, slip line box with 78" culvert and fill in voids with Concrete Type BZ. SH 9, M.P. 46.63 will fill old culvert with grout and install new culvert next to existing culvert. This will require trench digging and a temporary traffic signal for traffic control with one lane closed at a time in order to install culvert. The slopes in this area will be corrected as shown in the cross sections.  The resident engineer is Scott Schnake 719-227-3244. 


*STM R200-260 (23330) ~ The project is located in Region 2 in Huerfano county.  The project consists of SH 9, M.P. 69.94, Clean Culvert, Remove existing Headwall, Spray Line Culvert, and repair crack in headwall at Outlet. US 160, M.P. 279.38, Clean Culvert, Slip Line Culvert, Add Headwall to Outlet.  The resident engineer is Scott Schnake 719-227-3244.


*NHPP 1602-152 (20627) ~ The project is located In Region 5. US 160 Structure N-10-V Scour Mitigation. This project is located on US 160 East of the town of South Fork in Rio Grande county. The project involves traffic control, erosion control, top soil stockpiling, structure excavation, riprap placement, seeding, and mulching.  The resident engineer is Arthur Miller 719-587-6501.


July 30

*TCS 102-2020 Invitation for Bid (IFB) ~ This is a Two Step bid solicitation for providing on call traffic control services for Regions 3, 4, & 5 under a task order contracting process.  Please click on the link provided above to access the complete bid solicitation document for these services. 

Note: Pre-bid meeting regarding the solicitation is scheduled for July 8, 2020 at 1:00 pm. Pre-bid meeting details can be found in the revision document link above.

Project Engineer: Benjamin Acimovic 303-512-5530. 


Revision 1

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