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Engineering Contracts Guidance Memo's (EC-000)

This folder contains guidance memo's that have been issued by Engineering Contracts.
File PDF document EC-001 Add Employee Process Update
UPDATED 11/13/2018: Added Section V NOTE: Please keep in mind that a consultant CANNOT be reimbursed for any employee hours worked unless they have: 1) Been listed on Consultant's MPA and 2) Received PRIOR approval from the CDOT PM. Please see EC-001 for details. State Fiscal Rules does not allow for retroactive (approval) payment. Approvals MUST be obtained PRIOR to an employee working.
File EC-002 Add Employees Policy
UPDATED 11/30/17
File PDF document EC-006 Standard Job Classifications November 2017.pdf
UPDATED 11/30/2017
File PDF document ec-007-guidance-to-business-offices-add-employees-to-task-orders072216.pdf
File PDF document ec-010-cma-branch-memo_adding-employee_0801516.pdf
File PDF document ec-011-guidance-to-business-offices-project-initiation-fee-111816.pdf
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