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Master Pricing Agreement (MPA)
ALL PRIMES & SUBS are Required to have a MPA with CDOT in order to be awarded a contract or to work on a CDOT project. NOTE: RENEWAL OF MPA - It is the CONSULTANTS responsibility to make certain that they renew their MPA annually. Please check your MPA approval date and make certain to submit the proper documentation to the CDOT Audit Division so that there is no lapse in your MPA approval. No new contracts can be awarded unless the Consultant has a current approved MPA. This folder contains the process for Obtaining a Master Pricing Agreement with CDOT and related forms and documents that will assist you in making your MPA application.
Engineering Contracts Guidance Memo's (EC-000)
This folder contains guidance memo's that have been issued by Engineering Contracts.
Consultant Pre-Qualification List & Work Codes
This folder contains the list of Pre-Qualified consultants, updated monthly.
Project Cost Worksheets Templates
PORTAL - CDOT Supplier Self-Service Portal
Modification Documents
Consultant Information related to Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE). Emerging Small Business Enterprise (ESB).
File PDF document Consultant Billing Procedures
Billing Procedures
Upcoming Innovative Contracting Projects
Design / Build & CM/GC Projects
File Procedural Directive 508.2
Procedural Directive 508.2
Tentative Advertisement Schedule
Tentative Advertisement Schedule
Upcoming Consultant Events
Upcoming Consultant Events
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