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Welcome to CDOT's centralized Professional Consultant Services Selection page.

This site contains links for upcoming roadway design projects, documents needed to participate in the selection process, and consultant selection results.

Our goal is to obtain the best professional consultant services and provide for the timely completion and execution of all professional service contracts for the Chief Engineer's Office. To do so, our team procures and all engineering, architect, surveying and landscape architect contract services.

*Note: to be a prime consultant on a contract, you must provide at least 30 percent of the work yourself.

Are you a Vendors or Consultant?

CDOT classifies firms providing professional services as “consultants” (or “subconsultants”) and all other service providers as “vendors.” For CDOT contracting purposes, professional services are only those services governed by the Brooks Act, which include Engineering, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Land Surveying, and Industrial Hygiene. All other service providers are "vendors". Vendors are procured via CDOT's Center for Procurement and Contracting Services. Click here to help you with with these classifications.  
CDOT uses a vendor-facing portal for both consultants and vendors. Benefits include:
  • enhanced ease of use to register and/or pre-qualify your organization to do business with CDOT;
  • elimination of reproduction and shipping costs by enabling direct electronic submittal of proposals for goods or services to CDOT; and
  • providing reporting visibility to track your POs and payments.

All consultants and vendors must be registered with CDOT, and most bidding/solicitation processes are performed through the vendor-facing portal, with the exception of Highway and Bridge Construction contractors. The initial step is to registered with CDOT on the Supplier Self Service Portal, or "SuSS" portal. We invite you to access the Portal to view and respond to bids/solicitiations. See detailed portal work instructions to learn about the process and to familiarize yourself with the solicitation process. 

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