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Project First on Construction Projects

Link to the Chief Engineer's Memo - Implementation of Project First - Phase 2
December 10, 2018. Phase 2 incorporates the new Project First specification, a requirement of Project First on most projects, and utilization of developed tools on the updated "Project First on Construction" website.
Link to the Division of Project Support Memo 2016-03 - "Project First and Partnering"
May 2, 2016. CDOT is engaging with the Colorado Contractor's Association (CCA) and the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) on a new era of partnering, which is themed "Project First." At the agency level, as well as the project level, we are working to improve how partnering can better serve our transportation projects.
File Issue Documentation Matrix
May 2, 2016. In accordance with the new "Project First" initiative, please use this Excel file to develop your project specific Issue Documentation Matrix.
File List of Consultants Active in Partnering
Link to the "Project First Program" Standard Special Provision specification
File Escalation Ladder
This ladder spreadsheet is not to be used for issues and disputes per 105.22 and 105.23, but for matters related to working in bad faith, incompetence, etc.

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