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The Design & Construction Support Site has changed. It still contains the same information. Please use our search function if you cannot locate the document you are looking for.

I25 and US-36 ConstructionThe Design and Construction Project Support Section contains information about Standards and Specifications used during the design and construction of CDOT projects. There are also design aids, Construction Bulletins, Special Provisions, and Support Software.

Please reference the Quick Links located to the left to navigate. Below is a brief outline indicating what information can be found within those links listed in alphabetical order.

    • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act:  (ARRA) Related Documents.
    • Accelerated Bridge Construction Documents: To see if ABC is recommended or not.
    • Construction Specifications:  This area contains standard specifications appropriate for use on CDOT construction Projects and revisions thereto.  The 2017 Standard Specifications are now available and should be used on all projects advertised on or after October 01, 2017.  
    • Bulletins and Manuals: Links to various Construction and Design Bulletins, Manuals, Memos, and other related documents.
    • M&S Standard Plans: The M Standard Plans and the S Standard Plans.
    • Other Specifications: ITS, FIPI, Material Specificiations Checklist, Pilot Project Special Provisions.
    • Miscellaneous Design Documents: Safety Selection Guide and other documents not related to any of the above categories.
    • CDOT's Office of CADD & ProjectWise programs, and Highway Engineering Design Processes: This website contains information on CDOT's CADD (MicroStation/InRoads) and ProjectWise (file sharing) softwares. Also, Consultant Access information, Software Upgrades, CADD and ProjectWise Training Videos and Materials, CADD and ProjectWise User Manuals, How-to-Workflows, Tips and Tricks, a Library of Detail Drawings, Software Configurations, and other CDOT CADD related resources.
    • Innovative Contracting and Design - Build: A process of systematic decision-making, risk identification and allocation, identification of goals and objectives, identification and development of strategies, and creation of a competitive procurement environment.
    • Dispute Review Board: The DRB assists in the final resolution of disputes and claims between CDOT and hired contractors.
    • CDOT & Local Agency
    • Materials and Geotechnical: Bulletins, Manuals, Policy and Procedures, Guidelines, Misc. documents, and Archived references.
    • Chief Engineer Memos: Memos sent out by the Chief Engineer.
    • Policy Memos
    • CDOT Emergency Engineering Projects SharePoint siteA link to CDOT's Emergency Engineering Projects on SharePoint.
    • Water Quality
    • CDOT/FHWA Stewardship Agreement: How CDOT informs FHWA of its performance across a number of mutually agreed upon indicators associated with the administration of the Federal Aid Highway Program (FAHP).
    • Software / Support Information: Links to information on Engineering Applications and AASHTOWare Project SiteManager.
    • Value Engineering (VE)The independent review of a project during the planning and design 
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