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The Design & Construction Support Site is constantly being updated. Please use our search function above if you cannot locate the document you are looking for.

I25 and US-36 Construction     

Please note, CDOT has recently moved its Headquarters and Region 1 HQ to: 2829 W. Howard Place,  Denver, CO  80204.  Please update this address change in all documents that still have the old CDOT address (4201 E. Arkansas Ave. Denver, CO 80224) in them. All documents with the old address are still official and good to use. Thank you.

CDOT's Printing Plant has closed. Please click here for more information.

     This Design and Construction Project Support page contains websites that are used in the design and construction of CDOT Highway projects.

     Below is a brief outline indicating what information can be found in these websites. You may also use the links located to the left to access these websites.

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