Requesting Analysis of Potential Hazmat Route Changes

Requesting Analysis of Potential Route Changes; Step by Step

  • The requesting party submits a written request for analysis to the Mobility Section.  See Request Checklist for required information.
  • The hazmat coordinator will compile preliminary information about the route including, but not limited to; AADT, crash and fatality data, pavement and bridge condition, population information, and environmentally sensitive areas.
  • The Hazmat Route Advisory Team will convene to review the request and all available information.  The team may:
    • Request additional information.
    • Request additional analysis
    • Determine the route does not meet the minimum requirements to be designated a hazardous materials route
    • Determine the route meets minimum qualifications to be designated a hazardous materials route.
  • Once it has been determined the route meets minimal qualifications, the team may choose, but is not required, to hold meetings with elected officials, emergency response personnel or the local community.
  • The Hazmat Route Advisory Teams will either deny the request, or recommend approval to the Transportation Commission.
  • If the Transportation Commission concurs with the findings of the team, CDOT will submit a petition to the Colorado State Patrol to designate the route as a hazardous materials route.

CSP has sole authority to designate a hazmat route and will either approve or deny the petition.  For more information on CSP’s procedures please visit