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Resources & Training

Training Resource for Local Agencies

Federal-aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies is a transportation resource designed by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to help local agency professionals navigate the Federal-aid Highway Program. Federal-aid Essentials is structured for busy agency staff who want to further understanding of Federal-aid policies, procedures, and practices. You will find quick answers, straight to the point, and presented in plain language to help you make the right decisions in successfully completing federally funded projects.

Local Agency Project Desk Reference (formerly called Local Agency Manual)

2022 Local Agency Project Desk Reference - The main purpose of the 2022 CDOT Local Agency Project Desk Reference (formerly called the Local Agency Manual) is to assist Local Agency personnel (a public agency, local public agency, established public owned organization, or private interest that can legally enter into an agreement with CDOT for a transportation project) involved in the design, construction and management of state- and federally-funded projects. The Desk Reference is also recommended for CDOT personnel who manage Local Agency projects. Access the Local Agency bulletins here, which modify or clarify information contained in the Desk Reference.

Local Agency Manual Webpage

The Local Agency Manual Webpage is a new resource for Local Agencies.  The website was developed to support local agencies that use federal aid and state funding to plan, design and / or build a project.  The website is evolving and being updated as suggestions for improvement are received.

Civil Rights Compliance on Local Agency Contracts

Visit the Civil Rights Compliance on Local Agency Contracts page for civil rights requirements on local agency construction and professional services contracts. This page also houses training materials and process maps for each phase of a contract and is tailored specifically for local agency partners. 

Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP)

Projects selected to receive federal funds must be listed in the STIP, a statewide prioritized listing of transportation projects consistent with the long-range statewide transportation plan, metropolitan transportation plans, and Transportation Improvement Programs (TIPs). Use the search function at the following link to quickly find the desired project:

Transportation Improvement Programs (TIP)

Projects selected to receive federal funds that are located in a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) are additionally required to be listed in the TIP. The TIP is a prioritized listing of transportation projects developed and formally adopted by a MPO as part of the metropolitan planning process and consistent with the metropolitan transportation plan. Links to the TIPS for the five Colorado MPO's follow:

Model Traffic Code (MTC) for Colorado

More information on using or adopting the MTC for Colorado can be found online at codot.gov/safety/traffic-safety/assets/documents/2020-model-traffic-code-for-colorado.pdf.