Project Development

Project development is the process of defining and refining the scope, schedule and budget of a project as you move from a concept through preliminary design to a construction-ready set of plans and specifications, and sound construction cost estimate. It also includes obtaining state and federal permits and clearances, and often public involvement.

The project development process is illustrated in Flowchart 3: Project Development. Additional detail on project development is provided in the following flowcharts:

  • Flowchart 3.1 Project development – design scoping review meeting
  • Flowchart 3.2 Finding in the public interest (FIPI) / Public interest finding
  • Flowchart 4 Environmental clearance
  • Flowchart 5 Right of way clearance
  • Flowchart X Utility and railroad clearance
  • Flowchart 6 Concurrence to advertise and IGA option letter
  • Flowchart 7 Advertisement to concurrence to award federal funds

Each flowchart provides a graphic of the process with additional detail provided in the clickable boxes below. If you click on the topic bar, it will expand to display descriptive text regarding the topic.