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Utility/Special Use Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where to I get a Utility Permit?
A: Contact the Region Utility Engineer or Utility Permit Coordinator in the CDOT Region where the utility facilities will be installed (use Contact Us link).

Q: What is required for a Utility Permit?
A: See Utility Permit Application Form

Q: How much does a utility permit cost (fee)?
A: There is no fee for a CDOT utility permit.

Q: How long does it take to get a Utility Permit?
A: Depending upon the Region and the work load, about a two week turn-around.

Q: How long is the permit good for?
A: Ninety days is the standard issue time, but additional time up to one year is possible upon request. 


Contact Us
Scott Hoftiezer
Utility Program Manager
Project Development Branch
Colorado Department of Transportation
2829 W. Howard Pl.
Denver, CO 80204

Utility permits are not issued from above office.

Click here for Utility Permits FAQ

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