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Proposed Rule Revisions and Public Hearing Dates

The following rules are in the process of being revised by CDOT staff and set for a public rulemaking hearing. Proposed revisions are required by statute to be available five days prior to the hearing date. Please check this site 5 days prior to hearing for the final proposed rule that will be discussed at the Hearing.

CDOT maintains a list of individuals and entities who are interested in being notified of CDOT rule-making activities. If you would like to be added to this list, please email or .

CDOT annually publishes a proposed Departmental Regulatory Agenda pursuant to § 2-7-203(4), C.R.S., which will include all new rules, amendments to existing rules or repealed rules that CDOT foresees in the upcoming year. The calendar listed for each set of rules are subject to change.

** NOTE: To obtain further information regarding the rules, or would like to submit comments to proposed rules, please email the person identified as the Rule Contact at least one week prior to the hearing date.

Rule Number

2 CCR 601-14

Rule Contact

Rule Title

Proposed Rule

Public Hearing







2 CCR 601-14 Marie Nakagawa Rules Regarding Travel Restrictions on State Highways 

Chain And Traction Law Comparison

Proposed Changes 

2 p.m. May 6, 2019 CDOT HQ Auditorium, 2829 W. Howard Place, Denver, CO 80204
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Please Note
  • *Public Hearings Location:
    unless otherwise noted
    CDOT Headquarters
    2829 W. Howard Pl.
    Denver, CO 80204

  • Questions on Rules:
    Email the "Rule Contact" person listed.

  • State Agency Listing of Rules

  • The Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) provides notice of statewide rule makings by topic.
    Sign up for DORA notices.

A member of the public may email DORA's Colorado Office of Policy, Research and Regulatory Reform (COPRRR) to request a cost-benefit analysis (CBA) from the agency proposing rule changes, which is made publicly available when it is completed.

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