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CDOT Rules & Notices of Rule Making Hearings

This page is designed to give you information about rules within the jurisdiction of the Colorado Department of Transportation and the Transportation Commission. The online versions of these regulations, available officially from the Colorado Secretary of State, are the most current versions available. 

CDOT annually publishes a proposed Departmental Regulatory Agenda pursuant to § 2-7-203(4), C.R.S., which will include all new rules, amendments to existing rules or repealed rules that CDOT foresees in the upcoming year. The calendar listed for each set of rules is subject to change.

CDOT focuses on certain rules for mandatory rule review pursuant to SB14-063.

2019 Rule Review Schedule

To obtain a current, complete set of CDOT rules, be notified of upcoming rulemaking hearings, or for questions about the rule review schedule, please email [email protected].

View proposed rules that are currently undergoing review and the upcoming scheduled rulemaking hearings.

CDOT does extensive public outreach at the outset of each rulemaking process, involving state and local entities, and individuals in the development of the rules.

Rule Number



Read each CCR referenced below on the Colorado Secretary of State's Office website.

2 CCR 601-1 State Highway Access Code San Lee
2 CCR 601-1A State Highway Access Category Assignment Schedule San Lee
2 CCR 601-2 Junkyard Regulations Neil Lacey
Scott Hoftiezer
Anthony Lovato
2 CCR 601-3 Rules Governing Outdoor Advertising in Colorado Neil Lacey
Scott Hoftiezer
Anthony Lovato
2 CCR 601-4 Transport Permits for the Movement of Extra-Legal Vehicles or Loads Craig Hurst
Kyle Lester
2 CCR 601-6 Requirements for Pilot Escort Qualified Training and Certification Programs Craig Hurst
Kyle Lester
2 CCR 601-7 Rules, Regulations and Standards Pertaining to LOGOS and TODS Signs Neil Lacey
Scott Hoftiezer
Anthony Lovato
2 CCR 601-8 Rules Governing the Use of Tunnels on Colorado State Highways Kyle Lester
2 CCR 601-10 Rules Governing Construction Bidding for CDOT Public Projects Marci Gray
2 CCR 601-11 Rules Governing Practice and Procedures of the Transportation Commission of Colorado Herman Stockinger
2 CR 601-14 Rules Regarding Travel Restrictions on State Highways (Chain Law Rules) Kyle Lester
2 CCR 601-15 Requirements for Procurement by the Colorado Department of Transportation of Design-Build Contracts for Transportation Projects Nabil Haddad
Matt Pacheco
2 CCR 601-16 Harvesting of Native Grasses within Highway Rights-of-Way Kyle Lester
2 CCR 601-17 Implementation of the Use of Waste Tires for Noise Mitigation Purposes Along Colorado State Highways Jane Hann
Rose Waldman
2 CCR 601-18 State Highway Utility Accommodation Code Neil Lacey
Scott Hoftiezer
Anthony Lovato
2 CCR 601-19 Rules Concerning the Implementation of the Safe Routes to School Program Betsy Jacobsen
2 CCR 601-20 Rules Governing Authorized Service Vehicles on Public Streets, Highways and Roadways Kyle Lester
2 CCR 601-21 Law Enforcement Assistance Fund (LEAF) Kim Ferber
2 CCR 601-22 Statewide Transportation Planning Process and Transportation Planning Regions Marissa Gaughan
2 CCR 604-1 Emerging Small Business Program Greg Diehl
Jun Arcilla
2 CCR 605-1 Colorado State Infrastructure Bank Michael Krochalis
2 CCR 606-1 Rules Governing the Administrative Toll Enforcement Process Nick Farber
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Please Note
  • *Public Hearings Location:
    unless otherwise noted
    CDOT Headquarters
    2829 W. Howard Pl.
    Denver, CO 80204

  • Questions on Rules:
    Email the "Rule Contact" person listed.

  • State Agency Listing of Rules

  • The Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) provides notice of statewide rule makings by topic.
    Sign up for DORA notices.

A member of the public may email DORA's Colorado Office of Policy, Research and Regulatory Reform (COPRRR) to request a cost-benefit analysis (CBA) from the agency proposing rule changes, which is made publicly available when it is completed.

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