Tolls begin Jan. 17 on the I-25 South Gap Express Lanes

News Release

January 12, 2024 - Denver/Central Colorado and Southeastern Colorado - Drivers can save money on tolls with an ExpressToll pass

El 17 de enero empieza a cobrarse el peaje en los Carriles Exprés de la I-25 South Gap en español.

Douglas/El Paso Counties — Tolling will begin on the I-25 South Gap Express Lanes on Wednesday, Jan. 17. The Express Lanes, located on I-25 from Monument to Castle Rock, will be open 24/7 and tolls will range from 70 cents to $2 with an ExpressToll pass — among the lowest toll rates-per-mile in the nation.

There is a $25 surcharge for vehicles with four or more axles.

Overhead signs will display current toll prices, and rates will depend on time of day. The Express Lanes will be free to motorcyclists, commercial transit vehicles and carpoolers with three or more passengers and a Switchable HOV Transponder. Drivers can get a transponder and save an average of 40% on tolls by visiting, creating an account and attaching the sticker or switchable transponder to their windshields.

“Express Lanes are proven to relieve congestion, and drivers using the South Gap Express Lanes will see reliable trip times for low toll rates,” said Piper Darlington, director of the Colorado Transportation Investment Office, the division of CDOT that owns and operates Colorado Express Lanes. “And motorists with three or more people in their vehicles — and using the HOV setting on their switchable transponders — can drive in the lanes for free, a great option when you’re trying to get kids to soccer practice or take the family to the airport.

“Even drivers in the adjacent, general purpose lanes benefit from the Express Lanes with shorter travel times and reduced congestion.”

Express Lanes are designed to ease traffic congestion across all lanes in a dedicated corridor, including the untolled, or general purpose, lanes. Drivers are not required to use the Express Lanes and can always choose to use the adjacent general purpose lanes for no additional cost. Drivers are encouraged to remember the following details and rules for the I-25 South Gap Express Lanes:

  • Do not cross the solid white lines; enter and exit at the designated entrances and exits marked with a dashed white line only.
  • All speed limits and standard traffic laws still apply in the Express Lanes.
  • Overhead signs will indicate current toll prices. The price drivers see when they enter the lane is the price they will pay if they have an ExpressToll pass.
  • The same ExpressToll passes (stickers or Switchable HOV Transponders) that are used on CDOT’s Express Lanes on US 36, Central 70, North and Central I-25, C-470, I-70 Mountain Corridor, E-470 and the Northwest Parkway also work for the I-25 South Gap.
  • License plate fees will apply for drivers who don’t have an ExpressToll pass.
  • The Express Lanes will be free to vehicles carrying at least three passengers and using a Switchable HOV Transponder.
  • The Express Lanes will be free to motorcyclists and commercial transit vehicles.