Great news! Our first webinar series was so successful, we're in the process of planning more! Presented by the National Safe Routes Partnership, these informative, FREE webinars are tailored specifically to our Colorado community. As such, we invite your ideas and feedback! Please email [email protected] with your suggested topics. Included among subjects we are planning to discuss are changes to the six E's, specifically the transition from the focus on Enforcement to that of Engagement, as well as coping with continually evolving times we find ourselves in. We hope to host our first of the new series early on in the new year and will share specific details here and through our email distribution list. Keep on the lookout for updates, and please join us! In the meantime, check out the recorded versions for any webinars you may have missed, or simply for a refresher!

Upcoming Webinars

There are no upcoming webinars scheduled at this time.

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