Bridge & Structure Design

The CDOT Bridge and Structure Design Units are responsible for:
  • Developing and publishing the Department’s structural design policies and standards (Bridge Design Manual, Bridge Rating Manual, Bridge Detailing Manual, Structural Worksheets and Bridge Project Special Provisions)
  • Conducting the Department’s quality assurance review on structural designs prepared by consulting engineering firms
  • Guiding the Department’s contract managers in acquiring bridge design services by developing the structure engineering portion of consultant contracts, producing work-hour estimates, and participating in the selection of consultants
  • Developing Colorado Professional Engineer (PE) certified structure plans, specifications
  • Providing construction assistance
  • Providing assistance to Asset Managers & the CDOT regions as they prioritize bridges, walls, and culverts for preventive maintenance, rehabilitation, & replacement   
  • Evaluating and rating existing structures
  • Assessing new products, materials, software, and engineering design practices for implementation into the Department’s structural design policies and standards
  • Supporting the Utility Program when utilities are requested to be attached to bridges or structures by reviewing the permit application for the attachment details and attachment location on the bridges or structures identified in the application.
  • Providing Colorado Bridge Enterprise related support functions to the CDOT Regions

Bridge F-08-AU carries I-70 east bound over French Creek