Statewide Bridge and Tunnel Enterprise

Program Overview

The Colorado Bridge Enterprise was formed in 2009 as part of the Funding Advancement for Surface Transportation and Economic Recovery (FASTER) legislation (SB09-108). In 2021, the passage of SB21-260 expanded the existing Colorado Bridge Enterprise to include both designated bridge projects and surface transportation projects for tunnels and renamed the expanded enterprise as the Statewide Bridge and Tunnel Enterprise (BTE). The BTE operates as a government-owned business within the Colorado Department of Transportation with the Colorado Transportation Commission serving as the Statewide Bridge and Tunnel Enterprise Board of Directors.

The purpose of the BTE is to finance, repair, reconstruct and replace Designated Bridges as defined by SB09-108 and repair, maintain, and more safely operate tunnels.

In order to accomplish this goal, a bridge safety surcharge ranging from $13 to $32 has been imposed on vehicle registration based upon vehicle weight. Revenues from the bridge safety surcharge fee are estimated to generate approximately $100 million in annual funding. Further, SB21-260 authorized the Bridge and Tunnel Enterprise Board to impose a bridge and tunnel impact fee and retail delivery fee that are estimated to generate $522 million in funding over the next ten years. 

Current FASTER Eligible Bridge Structure List

View list of FASTER Eligible Bridge structures and their statuses. This list is updated quarterly to reflect the bridge status.

Current Statewide BTE Tunnel List

View list of BTE Tunnel structures. 

Bridge & Tunnel Enterprise Project Status - through December 2023

View bridge completion stats by year.