Construction Support & Fabrication Inspection

The Construction Support and Fabrication Inspection Unit is a resource to CDOT structure construction projects (in addition to the design units) statewide and is responsible for:
  • Providing support during structure construction
  • Quality assurance inspection during fabrication of structural components
  • Identifying and proposing mitigation strategies to structure construction claims, failures, errors, and deficiencies
  • Increasing bridge and structure construction safety
  • Enhancing design and details to improve constructability and field clarity
  • Inspecting, reporting, and providing assistance during major bridge construction events (e.g. girder erection, bridge deck concrete pours, etc.)
  • Staying abreast of current construction standards, construction practices, and construction best practices nationally to improve the durability and performance of structure assets
  • Maintaining the fabrication inspection manuals and the quality assurance procedures referenced by the manuals
  • Inspecting Colorado based fabrication plants prior to any fabrication for acceptability of fabrication processes, material handling processes, and the quality control plan
  • Inspecting out of state fabrication plants prior to any fabrication if budget and qualified personnel are available

Bridge F-14-AZ carries I-70 Frontage road over Clear Creek near Idaho Springs