Dynamic Pricing Update for US 36 & I-25 Express Lanes

Sept. 19, 2018 - Plenary Roads Denver Update on Transition to Dynamic Pricing to Optimize Travel Times for US 36 and I-25 Central Express Lanes

DENVER—In a move toward next-generation Express Lane traffic management, Plenary Roads Denver (PRD) presented an update to the High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE) Board on Sept. 19, about its transition on the US 36 and I-25 Central (I-25 from downtown Denver to US 36) Express Lanes corridors from fixed time-of-day pricing to dynamic pricing.

As part of the transition, PRD is making some adjustments to time-of-day tolling rates. These adjustments will allow PRD to better manage traffic flow in the US 36 and I-25 Central Express Lanes during the transition, and calibrate the traffic to provide a baseline for the dynamic Express Lane pricing and implementation.

These small toll adjustments are helpful for the transition as they provide data for the development of parameters within the dynamic tolling algorithm. PRD expects to completely roll out dynamic pricing by 2020.

On average, rates are going up about 4 percent, mostly during peak travel periods. For instance, an eastbound trip at 7 a.m. from Boulder to Downtown Denver will be adjusted from $7.30 to $7.65. There are also adjustments during the peak travel time in which the rate will decrease. An 8 a.m. trip from Boulder to Denver will decrease from $8.35 to $8.30.

In one instance, based on increased traffic volume and dynamic pricing testing, PRD is extending the morning peak travel pricing from 8:45 a.m. to 9 a.m.

With dynamic pricing, Express Lanes rates would be continually adjusted according to real-time traffic conditions to maintain free-flowing levels of traffic. Toll rates would increase when the Express Lanes get congested and decrease when the Express Lanes are less full. This advanced technology helps to manage traffic flow through the Express Lanes and helps to maintain reliable travel times along the corridor.

Information on the updates will be available at the HPTE website.

Comments and questions about dynamic pricing can be directed to PRD spokesman Gil Rudawsky at 303-507-6961, or email at [email protected].

About Plenary Roads Denver
Plenary Roads Denver (PRD) is a Denver-based consortium of industry-leading firms established to efficiently deliver improvements to the US 36 corridor. By creating a team of experts from each part of the infrastructure industry, PRD is able to ensure an integrated roadway, bus rapid transit system and bikeway that serve the needs of all residents. PRD is led by Plenary Group, a long-term investor, developer and operator of public infrastructure projects in the United States and Canada. Plenary's U.S. headquarters is in Los Angeles. It has additional offices in Denver and Tampa, Florida.

About Express Lanes
Express Lanes increase roadway capacity and help manage congestion on the highways. The use of toll pricing during peak travel times reduces delays, manages congestion and maintains reliable travel times. Express Lanes are currently open on I-25 between downtown Denver and 120th Avenue; US 36 between Denver and Boulder; and on I-70 between Idaho Springs and Empire. For more information, visit the Express Lanes website.