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Improving roadways is critical to meeting the transportation needs of Colorado, one of the top five fastest-growing states in the country.


Using Express Lanes is easy and provides travelers more reliable, predictable travel times. Travelers are never forced to pay a toll.


To use any Colorado Express Lanes, you will need an ExpressToll account and pass to avoid a higher toll. The Switchable HOV Transponder is the only pass that allows you to choose the carpool option.

Express Lanes Safety Tips

  • Speed limits apply to the Express Lanes as well as the general purpose lanes. Motorists should not exceed the posted speed limits when using the Express Lanes.
  • Express Lanes should be entered and exited through the dashed line only. Weaving in and out of the Express Lanes and crossing the double white line could result in a violation and up to $1,000 fine.
  • Express Lanes should NEVER be used as a passing lane. Express Lanes are offered next to the free general purpose lanes to provide drivers with a choice and an option of reliable travel time, but it’s not safe to use Express Lanes as a passing lane.
  • While it might be tempting to use the Switchable HOV Transponder to avoid paying tolls, it is important to remember there is enforcement on the roadway. Our local law enforcement officers are out on the corridors; violations could cost up to $250.


US 36 from Denver to Boulder

Central 70 from I-25 to Chambers Road

Central I-25 from Downtown Denver to US 36

North I-25 from 120th Avenue to E-470

I-25 South Gap: Monument to Castle Rock

C-470 from I-25 to Wadsworth Boulevard

I-70 from Idaho Springs to Empire

I-25 North from US 36 to 120th Avenue

I-25 North from Johnstown to Fort Collins

Express Lanes Master Plan


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"It is so exciting to see the major components of this project on my daily commute... ."
— Debra Baskett

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"Although I was initially skeptical about the benefits of the US 36 Express Lanes project, I have been amazed at how this project has transformed our region."
— Frank Bruno

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"Now that I can use the whole stretch of the Express Lanes, I save over 40 minutes per day! I love the Express Lanes!"
— Meg Collins

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Do you have questions about your ExpressToll account?

Please call ExpressToll Customer Service at 303-537-3470, or 1-888-946-3470.

For information about Plenary Roads Denver, please visit

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The stats are in: Express Lanes are moving people faster in peak travel times. See the numbers.

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