Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an Express Lane?

Express Lanes are new lanes built in addition to any existing general-purpose lanes to provide drivers the choice of a more reliable trip by paying a toll. Toll prices are set to manage traffic and have just the right number of vehicles in the lane to provide reliable, shorter travel time.

On some Express Lanes, tolls can change in price depending on the level of congestion. As traffic increases, the toll price goes up to make sure the lane always remains a free-flowing alternative for travelers. Conversely, the toll price will decrease when there is less traffic in the lane. Drivers will always be charged the amount on the overhead signage when they enter the Express Lanes.

Why does CDOT use Express Lanes?

Express Lanes increase roadway capacity and help manage congestion on Colorado's highways. They offer choice by allowing drivers to ride the bus, carpool, or pay a toll and use as a solo driver as an alternative to the free general-purpose lanes.

Express Lanes work to move more people rather than move more cars. By presenting choices, Express Lanes reduce delays, help manage congestion and keep travel times reliable for motorists in all the lanes.