HOV 3 Solutions

Find the Solution that Works for You.

With the change to HOV 3+ in January, CDOT and HPTE want to help commuters find a third carpooler or explore other options for using CDOT's HOV Express Lanes on US 36 and I-25. Please visit our partners who can help you with solutions, incentives or advice for making your commute fit your lifestyle.


The Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) serves as a planning organization for local governments and developed MyWayToGo, a trip-planning platform for the metro area. Find commuting options or carpoolers.


36 Commuting Solutions
36 Commuting Solutions is your local transportation partner, helping you navigate the US 36 corridor for work and life. We provide resources for a variety of cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions including carpooling, vanpooling, cycling and transit. If you travel along US 36, explore your commuting options.


Smart Commute Metro North
Smart Commute Metro North works with communities and businesses to promote transportation options and improvements, foster economic vitality and enhance mobility in the metro north region. If you drive the North I-25 corridor and are interested in carpooling, see your available incentives.

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The Regional Transportation District (RTD) provides bus and rail service for the region. Find bus and rail routes, and information on how to use the system.

NFRMPO logo VanGo

The North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (NFRMPO) operates VanGo™—a vanpool program that provides a safe, convenient shared ride subscription service. The VanGo™ program reduces congestion, emissions and rider stress while allowing commuters to use the HOV lanes for free.

Learn more about this service.

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Lyft is the fastest growing on-demand transportation service in the US. Lyft Line is an affordable new way to ride. Share the ride with others going the same way and pay up to 45 percent less than original Lyft. Lyft Line can help you commute without the hassle of parking or navigating traffic.

Learn more about Lyft Line.

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Uber provides safe, reliable and affordable rides for people across Colorado, the country and the world. For carpool options, groups of riders can split fares easily in the app and, as part of the HOV 3 launch, Uber will extend its uberPOOL product to the US 36 Corridor and northern I-25. UberPOOL pairs rides headed in the same direction to help share the cost. Enter code HOV3CO for $15 off your first ride.

Find out about Uber in Colorado.

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