New Procedures for Motorcycles and Carpoolers

The High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE) and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) are in the process of creating new procedures for motorcycles and carpoolers (HOV) who use HOV Express Lanes, which includes US 36 Express Lanes, Central I-25 Express Lanes and North I-25 Express Lanes (opening this summer). These new procedures will not impact the I-70 Mountain Express Lanes, Northwest Parkway or E-470.


On April 21, 2016, then-CDOT Executive Director Shailen Bhatt announced during a committee hearing of the House Transportation and Energy Committee that CDOT and HPTE would begin changing their procedures for High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Express Lanes. It was discussed that a system change of this magnitude would take at least 10 months once contracted with its tolling back office provider.

Current Procedures are Still in Effect.

  • Motorcycles still need an ExpressToll account with a sticker to use the HOV lanes for free.
  • Users of the I-25 and/or US 36 Express Lanes still need an active ExpressToll account with a Switchable HOV Transponder to use the lanes for free in HOV mode.
  • Customers still need to purchase the Switchable HOV Transponder to use the I-25 and/or US 36 Express Lanes for free in HOV mode.

Proposed Future Procedures

  • Motorcycles will no longer be required to have a transponder to use CDOT's HOV Express Lanes for free.*
  • CDOT will offer the Switchable HOV Transponder for free to drivers who are planning to carpool ONLY in CDOT’s HOV Express Lanes.**
  • Drivers who have already purchased a Switchable HOV Transponder and have ONLY used it in carpool mode will be reimbursed.**
  • Rebates will not be distributed to those customers eligible for the rebate until all system updates are complete.

*Express or Toll lanes that do not allow HOV vehicles for free (E-470, Northwest Parkway, I-70 Mountain Express Lane) will still require a pre-paid toll balance and a transponder in order to avoid higher license plate toll charges.

**If drivers choose this option and use the transponder in “toll” mode on HOV Express Lanes or on E-470, the Northwest Parkway or the I-70 Mountain Express Lane, a credit card on file will be charged for the cost of the transponder and the pre-paid toll balance to open an ExpressToll account.

CDOT, HPTE and ExpressToll are working together to create a timeline for the implementation of these changes. This is a process and will take time to implement. CDOT and ExpressToll will continue to communicate updates with the public as they become available.

Want to get updates?

Visit CDOT's Express Lanes website for the most recent updates. You may also sign up for email alerts. You can contact the ExpressToll Service Center at [email protected], or 303-537-3470 at any time to discuss your account.