Westbound I-70 Mountain Express Lane

I-70 Mountain Express Lanes

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The westbound I-70 Mountain Express Lane runs adjacent to the free general purpose lanes from the Veterans Memorial Tunnels to Empire.Similar to the eastbound lane that opened in 2015, this 12-mile-long managed lane features traffic management systems to improve mobility and provide westbound drivers with a reliable, time-saving option. The lane is open during peak travel times, mostly on weekends and holidays. When not open to traffic, the lane is used as an emergency shoulder for vehicle breakdowns and emergency services. Tolling began in 2022, and drivers will be billed for using the Express Lane either through their license plate or ExpressToll pass/transponder.

How to Use the Express Lane

Toll only. No HOV. Trucks and trailers are not permitted.

I Travel in a:

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On the I-70 Mountain Express Lane, motorcycles have to pay the toll. Motorcycles must have an ExpressToll account in order to receive the discounted toll rate (Note: motorcycles do not need a physical ExpressToll pass as long as the motorcycle license plate has been added to an ExpressToll account). Motorcycles without an ExpressToll account will be charged the higher License Plate Toll (LPT) toll rate.

Tolled Vehicle.png

Toll only for all vehicles.

Corridor Basics

  • The lane is only open during peak travel periods – it is used as an emergency shoulder all other times.
  • 12 miles of Express Lanes westbound from the Veterans Memorial Tunnels to the Empire interchange.
  • All motorcycles and vehicles are tolled.
  • No HOV 3+ available.
  • Adjustable toll pricing system used – prices depend on the day of the week.
  • Overhead signage indicates current toll prices and if the lane is open or closed. Tolls are collected through the vehicle’s ExpressToll account or License Plate Toll.
  • Safety Enforcement Program in effect. Sophisticated roadside technology is used to enforce the following rules:
    • No oversized vehicles (trucks or trailers) are allowed.
    • No weaving across the solid yellow line.
    • Only use the Express Lanes when they are open.