Bridge Approaches

File PDF document EPS, Flowfill, and Structural Fill for Bridge Abutment Highway Backfill
Research Report 1995-15, Authors: Shan-Tai Yeh, C.K. Su, Keywords: Bridge Approaches
File Feasibility Study of Developing and Creating a Standardized Subset of Bridge Plans
Research Report 2015-06, Authors: Michael L. McMullen, Chengyu Li. Keywords: Bridge Approaches, ABC, GRS-IBS, Prefabricated Substructure, Prefabricated Superstructure, Camber Control, Standard Bridges, Predecked Girders
File PDF document Flowfill and MSE Bridge Approaches: Performance, Cost, and Recommendations for Improvements
Research Report 2006-2, Authors: Naser Abu-Hejleh, Dennis Hanneman, David White, Trever Wang, Ilyess Ksouri, Keywords: Bridge Approaches, retaining walls
File PDF document Improving Quality Assurance of MSE Wall and Bridge Approach Earthwork Compaction
Research Report 2008-11, Authors: Michael Mooney, Christopher Nocks, Kristi Selden, Geoffrey Bee, Christopher Senseney, Keywords: Retaining Walls, QA/QC, Bridge Approaches
File PDF document Synthesis on Faulted Pavements at Bridge Abutments
Research Report 1997-11, Authors: George Hearn, Keywords: Bridge Approaches

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