Bridge Scour

File PDF document Calculation of Bridge Pier Scour Using the Erodibility Index
Research Report 2000-9, Authors: George Annandale, Steve Smith, Keywords: Bridge Scour
File Developing Bridge-Scour Equations for Colorado Mountain Streams
Research Report 2018-10, Authors; Albert Molinas, Amanullah Mommandi, Aziz Khan, Brett Sollenberger. Keywords: Bridge Scour, Hydraulics, Pier scour, local scour, effects of gradation, HEC-18, steep mountain streams, excess velocity, steep channels, pier scour in gravel, pier scour in cobble bed, pier scour in boulder bed, effects of coarse material, local scour for high Froude number.
File Preliminary Procedure to Predict Bridge Scour in Bedrock
Research Report 1994-14, Authors: Steven Smith, Keywords: Bridge Scour

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