File PDF document A Synthesis to Improve the Design and Construction of Colorado's Bridge Anti-Icing Systems
Research Report 2005-19, Authors: Gordon Bell, Wilfrid Nixon, Robert Stowe, Keywords: Anti-Icing, Bridges, Fixed Anti-Icing Technology, Deicing
File PDF document A User Experience with HYDRAIN
Research Report 1992-6, Authors: Gary Johnson, Keywords: Culverts, Bridges, Stormwater
File PDF document Accelerated Bridge Construction Utilizing Precast Pier Caps on State Highway 69 over Turkey Creek, Huerfano County, CO
Research Report 2014-8, Authors: Richard Osmun, Hoang Bui, Skip Outcalt, Keywords: Bridges
File Bird Nesting and Droppings Control on Highway Structures
Research Report 2010-7, Authors: D. Jean Tate, Keywords: Bridges, Bird Control
File PDF document Colorado Statewide Historic Bridge Inventory
Research Report 2011-7, Authors: Lisa Schoch, Clayton Fraser, Keywords: Bridges
File PDF document Colorado Study on Transfer and Development Length of Prestressing Strand in High Performance Concrete Box Girders
Research Report 1998-7, Authors: Daniel Cooke, P. Benson Shing, Dan Frangopol, Keywords: High-Performance Concrete, Bridges
File PDF document Comprehensive Risk Analysis for Structure Type Selection
Research Report 2010-2, Authors: Ross Corotis, Bill Beams, David Hattan, Keywords: Bridges, Risk Analysis
File PDF document Deterioration and Cost Information for Bridge Management
Research Report 2012-4, Authors: George Hearn, Keywords: Bridges, Life Cycle Cost Analysis
File PDF document Development of Steel Design Details and Selection Criteria for Cost-Effective and Innovative Steel Bridges in Colorado
Research Report 2008-12, Authors: John van de Lindt, Alexander Stone, Suren Chen, Keywords: Bridges, Steel Girders
File PDF document Evaluation of the FRP-Retrofitted Arches in the Castlewood Canyon Bridge
Research Report 2005-1, Authors: Delchi Fafach, P. Benson Shing, Sunyoung Chang, Yunpin Xi, Keywords: Bridges, Fiber-Reinforced Polymers
File Feasibility Study of Developing and Creating a Standardized Subset of Bridge Plans
Research Report 2015-06, Authors: Michael L. McMullen, Chengyu Li. Keywords: Bridge Approaches, ABC, GRS-IBS, Prefabricated Substructure, Prefabricated Superstructure, Camber Control, Standard Bridges, Predecked Girders
File Innovative and Economical Steel Bridge Design Alternatives for Colorado
Research Report 2018-21, Authors: Robert Johnson, Rebecca Atadero. Keywords: Bridges, Steel Girders, Simple Made Continuous Steel Bridges, Connections
File Investigation of Seismic Performance and Design of Typical Curved and Skewed Bridges in Colorado
Research Report 2018-08, Authors: Hussam Mahmoud, Thomas Wilson, Robert Johnson, Guangyang Hou. Keywords: Bridges, Denver Area, Earthquakes, Colorado, 2-span, 3-span, SAP2000, connection detail, bent support
File Joint Removal Implications – Thermal Analysis and Life-Cycle Cost
Research Report 2018-12, Authors: Hussam Mahmoud, Rebecca Atadero, Karly Rager, Aura Lee Harper Smith. Keywords: Bridges, Bridge Decks, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Deck Joints, Expansion Joint, Joint Elimination, Thermal Gradient.
File PDF document Loading Test of GRS Bridge Pier and Abutment in Denver, Colorado
Research Report 1997-10, Authors: Kanop Ketchart, Jonathan Wu, Keywords: Bridges
File PDF document Long-Term Monitoring of Mechanical Properties of FRP Repair Materials
Research Report 2013-13, Authors: Rebecca Atadero, Douglas Allen, Oscar Mata, Keywords: Fiber-Reinforced Polymers, Bridges
File PDF document Performance Evaluation of Various Corrosion Protection Systems of Bridges in Colorado
Research Report 2004-1, Authors: Yunping Xi, Naser Abu-Hejleh Andi Asiz, A. Suwito, Keywords: Bridges, Corrosion Protection
File PDF document Performance of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Walls Supporting the Founders/Meadows Bridge and Approaching Roadway Structures, Pt. 1
Research Report 2000-5, Authors: Naser Abu-Hejleh, Skip Outcalt, Trever Wang, Jorge Zornberg, Keywords: Retaining Walls, Bridges
File PDF document Performance of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Walls Supporting the Founders/Meadows Bridge and Approaching Roadway Structures, Pt. 2
Research Report 2001-12, Authors: Naser Abu-Hejleh, Jorge Zornberg, Trevor Wang, Michael McMullen, Skip Outcalt, Keywords: Retaining Walls, Bridges
File PDF document Reactive Aggregate in Concrete Structures
Research Report 1989-11, Authors: Reza Akhavan, Keywords: Alkali-Silica Reactivity, Fly Ash, Bridges

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