Concrete Pavement

File PDF document Alternate Mitigation Materials for Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete
Research Report 2008-10, Authors: Zachoriah Ballard, William Caires, Stanley Peters, Keywords: Alkali-Silica Reactivity, Concrete Pavement, Fly Ash
File PDF document Application of Roller Compacted Concrete in Colorado's Roadways
Research Report 2012-11, Authors: Nattapong Damrongwiriyanupap, Yu-Chang Liang, Yunping Xi, Keywords: Concrete Pavement
File PDF document Assessment of Concrete Pavement Texturing Methodologies in Colorado
Research Report 2012-10, Authors: Robert Otto Rasmussen, Richard Sohaney, Keywords: Concrete Pavement, Vehicle Handling, Tire/Pavement Noise
File PDF document Colorado Reactive Aggregate
Research Report 1987-5, Authors: Dick Hines, Keywords: Concrete Pavement, Fly Ash, Alkali-Silica Reactivity
File PDF document Dense Graded Concrete
Research Report 1993-1, Authors: Ahmad Ardani, Keywords: Concrete Pavement
File PDF document Developing Criteria for Performance-Based Concrete Specifications
Research Report 2013-9, Authors: Zachoriah Ballard, Stephan Durham, Rui Liu, Keywords: High-Performance Concrete, Concrete Pavement, Fly Ash
File Development of Cost-Effective Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) for Colorado’s Sustainable Infrastructure
Research Report 2018-15, Author: Yail Jimmy Kim, Keywords: Concrete Pavement, High-Performance Concrete.
File PDF document Development of Optimal Concrete Mix Designs for Bridge Decks
Research Report 2001-11, Yunping Xi, P. Benson Shing, Zhaohui Xie, Keywords: Bridge Decks, Concrete Pavement
File PDF document Early Evaluation of LTPP Specific Pavement Studies-2, Colorado
Research Report 2000-2, Authors: Ahmad Ardani, Nadarajah Suthahar, Dennis Morian, Keywords: Concrete Pavement
File Evaluating The Effects of Concrete Pavement Curling and Warping on Ride Quality
Research Report 2015-07, Authors: David K. Merritt, George K. Chang, Helga N. Torres, Kiran Mohanraj, Robert O. Rasmussen Keywords: Concrete Pavement
File Evaluation of CDOT Specifications for Class H and HT Crack Resistant Concrete
Research Report 2010-5, Authors: Stephan Durham, Robert Cavaliero, Keywords: Bridge Decks, Concrete Pavement
File PDF document Evaluation of Longitudinal Joint Tiebar System
Research Report 2011-12, Authors: Jagnnath Mallela, Alex Gotlif, Paul Littleton, Suri Sadasivam, Michael Darter, Keywords: Longitudinal Joints, Tie Bars, Concrete Pavement
File PDF document Evaluation of Premature PCCP Longitudinal Cracking in Colorado
Research Report 2003-1, Authors: Ahmad Ardani, Shamshad Hussain, Bob LaForce, Keywords: Concrete Pavement
File PDF document Evaluation of the Performance, Cost-Effectiveness, and Timing of Various Pavement Preservation Treatments
Research Report 2010-3, Authors: Scott Shuler, Keywords: Preventive Maintenance, Asphalt Pavement, Concrete Pavement, Maintenance and Operations
File PDF document Field and Analytical Evaluation of the Effects of Tied PCC Shoulders and Widened Slabs on Performance of JPCP
Research Report 1995-18, Authors: H. Thomas Yu, Kurt Smith, M.I. Darter, Keywords: Concrete Pavement
File PDF document I-76 Truck Study
Research Report 1998-1, Authors: David Price, Keywords: Truck Traffic, Concrete Pavement
File PDF document Implementation of Proven PCCP Practices in Colorado
Research Report 2006-9, Authors: Ahmad Ardani, Keywords: Concrete Pavement
File PDF document Implementation of the AASHTO Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide for Colorado
Research Report 2013-4, Authors: Jagannath Mallela, Leslie Titus-Glover, Suri Sadasivam, Biplab Bhattacharya, Michael Darter, Harold Von Quintus, Keywords: Concrete Pavement, Asphalt Pavement, Pavement Management
File PDF document Lateral Vehicle Acceleration Due to Longitudinally Tined Portland Cement Concrete Pavement
Research Report 2009-13, Authors: Robert Rinehart, Michael Mooney, Keywords: Concrete Pavement, Vehicle Handling
File text/texmacs Life Cycle Cost Analysis Rehabilitation Costs
Research Report 2015-03, Author: Melody A. Perkins, CDOT Pavement Design. Keywords: Cost Estimation, LCCA, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Concrete Pavement, Pavement Management, Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement, rehabilitation costs, heater remixing, heater scarifying, cold in-place recycling, full-depth reclamation, HMA overlay, HMA mill-and-fill

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