Corrosion Protection

File Evaluation of Different Types of Waterproofing Membranes (Asphaltic and Non-Asphaltic) as Cost Effective Bridge Deck Barriers in Reducing Corrosive Chloride Effects
Research Report 2018-16, Authors: Linfei Li, Yunping Xi, Renée Railsback, Keywords: Bridge Decks, Corrosion Protection
File PDF document Evaluation of Products That Protect Concrete and Steel Reinforcing Steel of Bridge Decks from Winter Maintenance Products
Research Report 2006-4, Authors: William Caires, Stanley Peters, Keywords: Bridge Decks, Deicing, Corrosion Protection
File Investigation of Mechanistic Deterioration Modeling for Bridge Design and Management
Research Report 2017-05, Authors: Kyle Nickless, Rebecca Atadero. Keywords: Bridge Decks, mechanistic model, deterioration, bridge management, Corrosion Protection, Maintenance and Operations.
File PDF document Performance Evaluation of Various Corrosion Protection Systems of Bridges in Colorado
Research Report 2004-1, Authors: Yunping Xi, Naser Abu-Hejleh Andi Asiz, A. Suwito, Keywords: Bridges, Corrosion Protection
File Surface Chloride Levels in Colorado Structural Concrete
Report 2018-05, Authors: Yunping Xi, Yuxiang Jing, Renee Railsback. Keywords: Bridge Decks, Concrete Pavement, Corrosion Protection.

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