2020 Research Reports

CDOT Research Reports, 2020
State Highway 9 Wildlife Crossings Monitoring – Year 4 Progress Report

Interim Research Report 2020-06, Authors: Julia Kintsch, Patricia Cramer, Paige Singer, Michelle Cowardin, Joy Phelan. Keywords: Wildlife Crossings, wildlife vehicle collisions, Traffic Safety, wildlife overpass, adaptive management. This progress report covers the study period from inception thru year 4 only (December 2015 through April 2019).

Performance of a GRS-IBS Bridge Abutment: Colorado Study

Research Report 2020-07. Authors: Dr. Nien-Yin Chang, Dr. Hien Manh Nghiem, Dr. Kevin Lee. Keywords: GRS, abutment, performance, large scale model test, geosynthetic tensile stress and strength, wide-width tension test, horizontal/ vertical earth pressure, Colorado Class 1 Crush Rock Backfill, horizontal displacement of sheet pile wall, settlement.

Residual Strength of Full-Depth Reclamation

Research Report 2020-09, Authors: Cristina Torres-Machi, Vishwa Vignan Beesam, and Victor Galotti. Keywords: Resilient modulus, Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design, Long-term performance.