Transportation Asset Management Plan

Federal legislation requires state transportation departments to develop a risk-based asset management plan for pavement and bridges on the National Highway System (NHS). These plans are designed to help improve or preserve the condition and performance of assets on the highway system. States that do not develop and implement such a plan will see their federal transportation funding restricted.

CDOT’s Risk-Based Asset Management Plan of 2019 has been found by the Federal Highway Administration as having met the the minimum requirements set forth in 23 CFR 515.13(b)(1).

2019 CDOT Risk-Based Asset Management Plan

The plan includes:

-A summary of National Highway System (NHS) bridge and pavement assets and condition in Colorado, regardless of ownership.  
-Asset management objectives that align with CDOT’s mission.
-A risk-mitigation plan.
-Identification of performance gaps.
-A life-cycle plan for pavement and bridges.
-Investment strategies.
-A financial plan for pavement and bridges.

In addition, CDOT's Risk-Based Asset Management Plan of 2013 can be found here.