Project Information

The C-470 Express Lanes Project is located along 12.5 miles of C-470, between I-25 and Wadsworth Boulevard.

Over 100,000 motorists currently use this segment of C-470 each day, with volumes projected to increase 40 percent by 2035.

The project cost is $276 million.

CDOT has identified $110.6 million in state and federal funding, and Douglas County is contributing $10 million for construction. The remainder will be funded via loans repaid by toll revenues.

  • Adding two express lanes to westbound C-470 from I-25 to Colorado Boulevard, and one express lane westbound from Colorado Boulevard to Wadsworth
  • Adding one express lane eastbound from Wadsworth to I-25
  • Full reconstruction of a portion of the existing pavement
  • Adding auxiliary lanes between the following interchanges:
    • Westbound
      • University to Broadway
      • Broadway to Lucent
      • Lucent to Santa Fe
      • Santa Fe to Platte Canyon
    • Eastbound
      • Santa Fe to Lucent (existing replaced in kind)
      • Lucent to Broadway
      • Broadway to University
      • Quebec to Yosemite
  • Improving portions of on- and off-ramps to current standards (including ramp metering where appropriate)
  • Realigning substandard curves
  • Safety and operational improvements between I-25 and Quebec via direct-connect ramps from I-25 to the westbound C-470 express lanes
  • Widening of existing bridges throughout the project area
  • Replacing the bridges over the South Platte River
  • Installing water-quality features where required
  • Installing noise barriers where required
  • Installing Intelligent Transportation Systems elements and tolling equipment
  • Adding grade separations for the multi-use trail at Quebec and Colorado

This project will be completed using design-build, which is an alternative delivery strategy where design and construction occur concurrently, resulting in schedule savings.

We project up to 18 minutes in travel time savings for a westbound trip from I-25 to Wadsworth during peak and evening commute times, once the facility opens and motorists have sufficient time to adjust to the new C-470 options.

The current number of general purpose lanes will remain the same. Express Lanes will be an addition.

All tolls will be collected by License Plate Toll or with an ExpressToll account.

License Plate Toll customers will be billed the ExpressToll rate plus a surcharge. The most efficient and least expensive way to pay tolls is by using an ExpressToll transponder.

All toll revenue collected on C-470 will be utilized for the C-470 corridor and will go toward:

  • maintenance of the highway;
  • administrative costs of operating the Express Lanes; and
  • paying off financial debt.

There will not be a free HOV/carpool option.

The C-470 Express Lanes project will add Express Lanes in addition to the existing, free general-purpose lanes. Drivers will always have a choice of using these existing lanes or paying a toll to use the Express Lane.

Visit the Get a Pass page, or call 303-537-3470 (1-888-946-3470 toll free).