CO 115 and CO 9 Critical Culverts

About the Project:

SH 9 - MP 27.77: Slip line and Extend Culvert, Place Grouted Riprap and Riprap at Outlet, Temporary Signal will be used for Traffic Control at this location.
SH 115 - MP 42.41: Spray line Culvert, Excavate Material, Grade Ditch Slopes, and line ditch with Concrete at Outlet, Place Riprap and construct small maintenance access road at Outlet.

Work Schedule

  • To be determined

Traffic Impacts

  • To be determined

Project Facts

  • Cost: $700,000
  • Contractor: American West Construction
  • Timeline: July through Late August 2021
  • Location: SH 9 - MP 27.77 in Park County, SH 115 - MP 42.41 in El Paso County