CO 52 Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) & Access Control Plan (ACP)

PEL Study Complete!

The PEL Study concluded in November of 2021.

CO 52 Timeline graphic

About the Project

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) conducted a Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) Study and Access Control Plan (ACP) for the state highway CO 52 corridor. This project established a long-term vision for the corridor by prioritizing projects and identifying funding for transportation improvement projects.

In recent years, traffic congestion along CO 52 has increased dramatically. The communities along the corridor utilize CO 52 to commute to business and industry centers. Changes in land use are causing the average daily traffic (ADT) to increase to a level that is straining the existing infrastructure along the corridor. CDOT developed a comprehensive document that creates a long-range plan to address corridor limitations with an emphasis on stakeholder involvement.

CO 52 corridor map

The project limits extended 41.6 miles (MP 0 to MP 42) along CO 52, from CO 119 north of Boulder in Boulder County to CO 79 east of Hudson in Weld County. CO 52 interchanges with I-25, US 85, and I-76 in Weld County. CO 52 is a major east – west connection corridor for the region, which is experiencing an increase in residential and commercial development. The corridor provides critical access from residential and rural areas to business centers, as well as commercial freight from industrial centers along the corridor.