Colorado Bridge Enterprise

I 70 Viaduct

The FASTER legislation established the Colorado Bridge Enterprise (CBE) program.  The purpose of the CBE is to finance, repair, reconstruct and replace bridges designated as structurally deficient or functionally obsolete, and rated “poor”.  At the time of the passage of FASTER, Colorado had 128 structurally deficient bridges rated in poor condition. Revenue from the bridge safety surcharge fee generates approximately $100 million each year.

From the creation of the Bridge Enterprise in 2009 until the end of calendar year 2013, 179 bridges statewide had become eligible for funding. Of the 179, 130 were eligible to receive funding from the FASTER program; the remaining bridges had other funding sources identified or funding had not yet been determined. At the close of 2013, 68 FASTER funded bridges had been repaired or replaced, 10 were in construction, four designs were completed, 26 were in the design stage and 22 had not yet been scheduled. A list of current FASTER bridges and a map depicting their locations is provided on CDOT’s Bridge Enterprise website at CDOT’s Bridge Enterprise website.

Pictured: I-70 East Viaduct
Stretching 1.8 miles between Brighton Boulevard and Colorado Boulevard in Denver, the I-70 East viaduct was one of the top 30 poorest bridges identified by the FASTER legislation.  Of that original list, the I-70 viaduct is the only remaining structure not replaced, planned, or under construction.  Since 2003, a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) study has been underway to investigate alternatives to replace the deteriorating structure. In May 2012, CDOT announced it would redraft the 2008 Draft EIS to include a new alternative, which proposes to replace the viaduct with a lowered and partially covered highway.  Regardless of the alternative selected, the magnitude of this project presents a significant financial impact to the Statewide Bridge Enterprise program.