FASTER established the Road Safety Fund to support the construction, reconstruction, or maintenance of projects that the state Transportation Commission, a county, or municipality determine are needed to enhance the safety of a state highway, county road, or city street.  The fund dollars are allocated based on a statutory formula: 60% to CDOT, 22% to counties, and 18% to municipalities. For CDOT, FASTER provides approximately $80 million per year in safety funds.

To date, FASTER Safety funds have supported 270 projects across the state.  Click here for a complete listing of these projects.

The following chart illustrates the types of projects that have been fully or partially funded with FASTER Safety dollars over the last four years. Asset Management and Other Asset Management includes proactive projects that address the safety aspects of CDOT assets such as pavement (resurfacing/reconstruction), culvert repairs or rockfall mitigation.  The Operations-related projects include portable and/or variable messaging signs or the installation of fiber optic lines. The Other-related projects include planning/feasibility studies and pedestrian-bicycle facilities.

FASTER SafetyProjects