SH 82 Grand Avenue Paving Project (GAPP II)

May 24, 2010,  the second phase of the Grand Avenue Paving Project (GAPP II) was completed. This project involved the resurfacing of the asphalt driving lanes to concrete for a half-mile portion of Grand Avenue (SH 82) between Sayre Park and 24th Street. The project is a continuation of the first Grand Avenue Paving Project (GAPP), done in 2004 and 2005. See the news releases for the latest information.

Traffic Impacts

A significant traffic control effort is required to accomplish the project by the beginning of June, the unofficial start of the summer tourist season in Glenwood Springs.  Traffic will be reduced to one in both directions throughout the project area for about 3 months.  The work will be conducted in 3 phases, starting with the two westbound (down-valley) lanes.  Traffic will be moved to the up-valley lanes during this phase, which is expected to take 35 days.  Once Phase 1 is complete, traffic will be switched over to the new concrete lanes and the eastbound (up-valley) lanes will be resurfaced.  Phase 2 will also take about 35 days.  Finally in Phase 3, the two lanes of traffic will be split to both sides of Grand Avenue while the center lane is resurfaced.  Phase 3 is expected to take 20 days to finish.

Although this phasing and lane closure plan is required to get the project done this spring, it also reduces the capacity of Grand Avenue, by 50% in the area of construction.  Users of Grand Avenue should consider other options to get through the GAPP, such as taking public transit, changing the time of the commute, or seeking alternative routes.  Daily commuter updates will be given to KMTS FM radio (99.1 and 96.7) throughout the project at 6, 7 and 8 AM.

In addition to the lane closures, two traffic lights will be turned off and one intersection will be closed to help traffic flow through the project area. 

The biggest impact to in-town circulation will be the closure of South Grand Avenue and 23rd Street at Grand Avenue.  The traffic light will be "bagged" and barricades will be placed across 23rd Street and South Grande Avenue at the intersection.  Those wishing to go east off of Grand Avenue at 23rd Street can use 20th Street.  A detour will be established to direct people to South Grand Avenue via 27th Street. 

In addition to the 23rd Street traffic light, the pedestrian crossing signal at Sayre Park will also be closed for the project's duration.  The only crosswalk available for pedestrians in the project area will be at 20th Street, near Safeway.  Streets and sidewalks through the adjacent neighborhoods around the project area should be considered by walkers, runners and bikers as possible alternate routes.

Public Transportation

The up-valley RFTA bus stop at Safeway (20th and Grand) will be relocated to 23rd Street, and the down-valley stop at the Glenwood Post Independent will be moved to the north end of Sayre Park.  The Ride Glenwood stops on South Grand Avenue and 27th Street will be closed and replaced with a temporary bus stop on Grand Avenue just north of 27th Street.  All affected bus stops have been posted with directions on how to get to the temporary pick-up and drop-off points.