I-70 Genesee Bike Path and Pedestrian Bridge

Genesee Pedestrian Bridge Summer 2016.bmp

In summer 2016, crews completed construction on this project, for which they built a new, 2.4-mile concrete, multipurpose trail and a 120-foot-long pedestrian bridge on the north side of Interstate 70 (I-70) between mile points (MP) 251.4 and 253.8 in Genesee Park.

Most of the trail is on land owned by the City and County of Denver, starting just west of the Genesee exit near the Buffalo Herd Overlook. The path has been redesigned to offset conflicts with the Denver Mountain Path access road, and to reduce the impact on the nearby forest.

This project completed the trail extending along I-70, giving bicyclists a safer route to travel through the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.