Bijou over I 25

BIJOU GEN LY.DWG has the following dependencies External References (Xref's) Q:\X031000320\ACAD\Xref\i25design.dwg Q:\X031000320\ACAD\Xref\TOPO-MASTER.dwg Q:\X031000320\ACAD\Xref\bij-rr-piers.dwg Q:\X031000320\ACAD\Xref\bij_i25_struct.dwg Q:\X031000320\ACAD\Xref\Cimbij_walls.dwg Q:\X031000320\ACAD\Xref\bij_rr_struct.dwg Q:\X031000320\ACAD\Xref\bijdesign.dwg Images Q:\X031000320\ACAD\Blocks\I-25.tif Fonts C:\LDD\Support\simplex.shx C:\LDD\Fonts\txt.shx C:\LDD\Fonts\romans.shx Q:\ACAD\FONTS\fhu.shx C:\LDD\Support\ltypeshp.shx Q:\ACAD\FONTS\PICS21.SHX C:\LDD\Fonts\ROMANT.shx Q:\ACAD\FONTS\specl13.shx Q:\ACAD\FONTS\BEROY.shx Q:\ACAD\FONTS\CDOT-MAP.SHX Q:\ACAD\FONTS\PICS30.SHX C:\LDD\Support\AECCLAND.shx C:\LDD\Fonts\romand.shx C:\LDD\Fonts\dim.shx Miscellaneous C:\LDD\Support\acad.fmp Program was unable to locate the following files TIMES.(shx,ttf) Notes for distribution .SHX fonts were found. Please copy these fonts to the AutoCAD Fonts directory and check with the font manufacturer about distribution rights. Fonts supplied with AutoCAD are freely distributable The AutoCAD variable FONTMAP was set to C:\LDD\Support\acad.fmp Please make sure that you set the FONTMAP variable to read this file before opening any drawings. The AutoCAD variable FONTALT was set to C:\LDD\Support\simplex.shx Please make sure that the FONTALT variable is set to this file before opening any drawings. All text styles with missing fonts are automatically set to this font