Trail Updates

Trail Update
Oct. 27, 2017

All trails are now open. Pedestrians and cyclists can enjoy the beautiful new connections around I-25 and the Midland Trail, with more views of the creek and complete Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.

October 2017

Trails Under I-25/Cimarron Opening are now Open!
Experience the Improvements

The I-25 and US 24/Cimarron Street Interchange Design-Build project includes several bike and pedestrian trail improvements and connections to parks, emphasized by the community as important to the overall aesthetics of the interchange. It also provides multi-modal transportation options.

The project is operationally complete and the trails system are fully open.

"The previous asphalt-surfaced Midland Trail passed below I-25 through a former very low, dark, and narrow railroad tunnel," said CDOT Project Director Dave Watt. "The previous trail under the interstate was not in a very good location and it was not aesthetically pleasing."

  • The new alignment of the Midland Trail is along Upper Fountain Creek with a concrete surface, aesthetic features and improved lighting under the I-25 bridge. The new trails connect to the regional trail system in Colorado Springs to the east and west of the project.
  • Careful attention was paid to the design of the grade of the trail paths to assure the grade change complies with the ADA. The gradual slope will also enable better views of the creek.
  • A bicycle and pedestrian roundabout at the confluence of Fountain and Monument Creeks will provide a unique gathering place for trail users.
  • Concrete retaining wall panels with designs reflecting native fish in their habitat were installed along the new Midland Trail directly under I-25 bridges and along the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail under the Cimarron Bridge.

Experience it for yourself. Take time and enjoy a bike ride, or walk along the Upper Fountain Creek on the new Midland Trail.

CU Roundabout