O Street & US 85 Intersection Improvements | Design Phase

About the Project

Relocate current intersection at O Street and US 85 southeast approximately 3,000 feet to maintain access to local businesses and residents and allow closure of the at-grade crossing of Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) on O Street. The relocated intersection will maintain current access, reduce delays due to trains crossing or stopped on O Street, and increase safety of the access to US 85.

The project scope provide alternate local access to mitigate detour resulting from closure of O Street across .

Project Schedule

Project Cost: $5,000,000

Design Begins: 2020
Construction Begins: 2021

US 85 closure and project area mapProject Closures | US 85

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is working toward the closure of several county roads along US 85, one of which is O Street on the north side of Greeley. These closures stem from an agreement with Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) that would allow the state to obtain the rights-of-way (ROW) for portions of US 85 that are currently in the railroad ROW. US 85 is a critical corridor for access and mobility in Weld County, and acquisition of this ROW will ensure mobility and connection along the corridor into the future.

CDOT considered several access improvements to maintain local access and allow the closure of the at-grade crossing of the UPRR tracks. CDOT determined that the simplest and most effective mitigation would be to simply move the existing intersection southeast 3,000 feet. The attached information sheet provides details related to the new alignment, project scope, and estimated schedule.


  • Shift existing intersection southeast
  • Construct new spur to connect US-85 & O Street
  • Remove existing railroad crossing at O Street after new intersection is open

US 85 turn and access map


  • Mobility: Eliminate delay due to parked trains at O Street & US 85
  • Safety: Increase sight distance at US 85 and remove railroad crossing
  • Access: Maintain existing local access

Allow removal of current railroad crossing while limiting impact to local businesses and residences.

O Street and US 85 project map