Region 4 Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Study

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Bike Ped Final Report 

About the Study

CDOT is studying ways to improve safety for bicyclists and pedestrians within Region 4 (northeast Colorado). The study will include an evaluation of systemic and hot spot improvements on CDOT-owned roadways within northeast Colorado, with a focus on regional equity. The primary goal of this project is to support future safety grant applications to implement projects. 

The team will identify engineering solutions to reduce bicycle and pedestrian related crashes. For each of the top prioritized locations, conceptual designs, planning level cost estimates and benefit to cost ratios will be prepared to support future safety grant applications.

  • Striping
  • Intersection Geometry
  • Signalization
  • Traffic Calming Measures
  • Shoulder Widths
  • Lighting

This study will accomplish the following:

  • Improve bicycle & pedestrian safety in the region (bike and pedestrian safety are regional priorities for CDOT)
  • Create process best practices for identifying future safety improvement needs and locations
  • Apply identified safety improvement solutions to CDOT roads within Region 4 (northeast Colorado)
  • Learn and understand the safety improvement needs and preferences for communities within this region

Region 4 Bike & Pedestrian Study Map

Project Schedule

Data Collection: May 2021
Safety Screening: June-August 2021
Priority Locations: August-September 2021
Safety Countermeasures: September-October 2021
Documentation: October 2021-Feburary 2022